Karen Billing Creative

about me

Hi I am Karen Billing
I love nostalgia and all things vintage.
Dusty things in attics, retro design and decor, antiques, history and memories.

my work

My drawing and illustrations have been described as “quirky” and “vintage”.
My work is intensely patterned and often depicts women and birds.

my process

I like to sketch something out roughly at first, then hone the sketch, add colour and  then spend hours drawing flowers and/or patterns and outlining

My Projects

using new canvases

Paint Your Wagon

Recently I was commissioned to decorate a gypsy caravan

A dream job as I love pattern design and can get in “the zone”  when hand painting pattern repeats

The owner wanted the finish to look like original wagon painting art which leads to lots of research and many fascinating YouTube videos on the subject

I designed the patterns using a french curve to ensure they were symmetrical  and then transferred them on to the wagon

After investing in  some decent brushes and 1 Step Signwriting paint .. (a bit pricey but well worth it for ease of application and durability) we were ready to start

A big shout here out for the on-site help from my friend and assistant Donal

During this project, I’ve learned a lot about taking the time and not rushing to get the job finished.

Apart from the basic scrolls I had no concrete plan as to where the design will go, it is just so satisfying to let the work grow organically.

I am always happy to take commissions for similar work, furniture, interior decor and so on the permutations are endless!

P.s during a rain shower, I sheltered inside the caravan.

Small but perfectly formed I could live in there! Just Beautiful!

on the road

Mobile Art Gallery

I’m mobile… yes really! 

Tulip my much loved VW FOX is now on the road showing and delivering art work to your door. 

COVID-19 precautions are in place. 

Contact me for more details

telling stories

Lizards Discard Their Tales

I am working on an autobiographical graphic storybook.

It will tell of my life in Cyprus child in the 1950s and life on an RAF camp.

It also relates the drama of  my mother’s affair with an EOKA spy and the disintegration of my parents marriage

Artist Blog

All Stitched Up

“If we don’t transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it ” Richard Rohr So you may be wondering what has transforming pain got

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