How To Over Come “Blank Canvas Syndrome”

Hello, there fellow creatives!

Welcome to Karen Billing Creative and my first blog. 

I believe we all have the ability to create art and my mission is to get your art making mojos working.

So here a short quiz to kick us off with..

  1. Are you full of artistic ideas and yearnings BUT your confidence is a thing that wobbles and you don’t know where or how to make a start?

  2. Does the sight of a blank canvas or page turn you a matching color?

  3. Have you bought and organized a mass of art materials and are pleased about the way they look on the shelf but .. your brushes are too clean and your paint tubes unopened ?

 All boxes ticked? Well now, this could well be the blog post for you.

I am going to encourage you get into a relaxed creative state by allowing yourself to experiment, play, make mistakes and have FUN.  

And if during the process someone asks you “Whatcha doing? “ you would feel laid back enough to reply “just making art mate.. just making art”

So without further ado, let’s get on with it.  

Firstly, I want to share my old school motto ergo “To Begin is Good, to Continue is Better, to Finish is Best!”  Anon

We will use this motto as our framework. So to Begin is Good… 

While you are procrastinating and feeling burdened by huge feelings of  Imposter Syndrome, while you are intently listening to your Inner Critic whilst mentally listing a multitude of Cants and Shoulds, while you are comparing and feeling a draft that is so strong you have given it a woman’s name and a red weather warning, and while you are neck-deep in bucket loads of internal dialogue that brings you to your knees and leave the canvas blank and those brushes you paid so much for unused. 

While you are engrossed in all of the above I would like you to casually even sneakily get a piece of paper, any paper and draw an oval on it with any pen or pencil that comes to hand

 “To Begin is Good” and congratulations you have begun!

The same motto went on to say “To Continue is Better” so let us continue

Draw an oval shape any were on the paper…you don’t have to copy this one here, but you can if you want 

…put some marks inside the oval … perhaps you want to colour it in or shade it or just put a line through it on in it ..there are no rules here …make your mark….any mark inside the oval!

Now turn it on its side and draw any line connects to the oval’s edge

To finish is best …now cut out any pictorial element from a newspaper or magazine and stick it anywhere on your oval drawing Draw a loose frame or a carefully measured frame if you are a carefully measured kind of person around the lot

To Finish is Best ..YEAH YOU DID IT!!!

Here’s two I made earlier. One on left as per instructions above, one on the right using the TOOLWIZZ app to enable playtime!

All I need now is a funky title …..Ummm I’ll call it “Spacially Distanced” 

So Whatcha doing? …Just making Art mate…just making Art

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