Kinsale Art Week July 2021. I painted this series of decorative panels entitled    “Sea Sore” highlighting the plight of the oceans and seas and the ways our eyes are still not open enough to the fact that the clock is ticking .

They can be seen for the  duration of the Kinsale Art Week  at Vista Bistro Kinsale

“Homage to Leonora”

“Homage to Leonora”

As for murals and decorative wall panels Im taking commissions!

Murals and decorative wall panels add the WOW factor to many spaces. If you want to see some of my work click on Portfollio then Murals

Highly colourful and densly patterned images for walls in pubs, resturants, shops , gardens is whats on offer here, infact your blank wall is my blank canvas! 

So why not start and informal chat about your requirements by emailing me at

Above is a picture of a recent art work of mine, “Homage to Leonora” imagined as a wall decoration. However if this just TOO BIG for you why not choose Leonora as an  art print 11.5 x8.5 cm   click here  SHOP

P.S. The man in the picture below comissioned me to decorate the interior wall of his beloved shed. This shed is his realisation of a dream. Since it was errected most of his time is spent in it, upcycling furniture and happily chatting to the people who walk by.  Its a lovely project which Im proud to accept because it will enhance his “happy place “even more .

Watch this space, progress reports will be posted here. No job to small for a wall!