Art Print The Stranger


The Stranger is an art print  11.5cm by 8.5 cm. Printed on high quality matt photographic paper.

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                            Art Print – The Stranger

This Art Print – The Stranger  is taken from an original mixed media piece I made in Febuary 2021. To be honest at the time I was feeling a little afraid and lost  as to what the future would look like, not an uncommon feeling during this uncertain time.  I wanted to make an picture that would reflect that feeling. This piece is about being lost and alone in a vast , empty and unknown place. The landscape of imagination .

The process of making the original was a long but for me a toatlly engaaging one . I used water colours and ink to create the background and face. In this image the background is taken from a watercolour sketch I made whilst in New Zealand , the parched and vast landscape seemed to suit the emotion of vunrability I was searching for. The face was collaged on to the background. Elements such as the flowers you see on her headress were indiviudaly drawn, painted, cut out and collaged into place. Once I was happy with the mixed media image I  digitally edited it until at last ” She” emerged looking wistful and lonely.

I loved all the various stages of making Stranger in a Strange Land so much  and I am building a seires of images mainily  of women portraits with a surreal and vinatge feel  using a the same or similar process

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Dimensions8.5 × 11.5 cm
The Stranger

Printed on high quaity, matt photographic paper


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