Meet Karen Billing

Illustrator & Designer

Hello and welcome to the Karen Billing Creative website!

I am a self-taught illustrator finally following the long-cherished dream of making art every day!

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Years (and years) ago I hoped to go to art college but was advised that art did not constitute a “proper job” and so, worn down, I entered the nursing profession which was to last most of my working life

I moved to West Cork Ireland 1989 and worked with young adults on the autistic spectrum encouraging and supporting their creativity and curating exhibitions of their work. I love encouraging people from all walks of life to make art and have mentored individuals and facilitated many workshops to this end.

Being a plate spinner I usually have more than one art project in progress ..take a look at the project page to get an idea of what’s on the bubble at the moment

My work has been described as quirky and occasionally dark. 

I love nostalgia and all things vintage. Dusty things in attics, retro design and decor, antiques, history and memories.

There are illustrations to buy in the shop and this will be updated on a regular basis 

However, if you see something else you like please get in contact and we can discuss making a print of your choice

I’m happy to take commissions 

All the best